Monday, June 13, 2016

Final Reflection

Part 1: YOU
1. What has photography helped you learn about yourself? How?
2. What was a challenge this semester? Why?
3. What is your best work? Why?
4. What project would you choose to re-do to improve it, and why?
5. What will you be mindful of when taking photographs in the future? Why?

1. How would you describe the importance of light to a non-photographer?
2. What is your favorite time of day to photograph? Why?
3. How does one go about making a good photograph? How?
4. What constitutes a "good" photograph? Why?

Part 1:
     Photography has helped me learn to look at the world with ta new perspective. I've learned that everything has beauty that can be captured in a single photo. And that just taking photos every day is an easy way to appreciate my life and slow down and breath. I've also learned that while a beautiful photo can be created by adjusting the subject and lights and other things, sometimes, all you need to do to get a beautiful photo is just take out the camera and snap away. The biggest challenge this semester has probably been trying to not just complete the assignment, but to take my time and take photos I am happy with. However, it has been difficult to do this because of all of my other homework from my other classes and making sure I finish that too. I think my best work was the minimalist photos, specifically the one that is a white stone table with a small pool of water and a lily pad in it. I LOVE that photo, I don't know exactly why I love it, but I  really enjoy it. I think that the project I would choose to redo would be the seven days of self because I don't feel like I that one to the best of my ability. I feel like I had to rush that one because of the health issues I encountered. I think that in the future, I will try to be mindful of new angles at which to take my photos as well as what I have in my composition and if it needs to be adjusted. I plan on spending much more time taking a beautiful photograph and not setting my camera to auto settings.

Part 2:
     I would try to describe the importance of light to a non-photographer by comparing them. Like for example, when the ISO is too high, the photo becomes grainy and noisy, like if you had a glass of clear water and threw some sand or dirt particles into it. You can still see the photo, but it isn't pretty. And the direction of the light can be compared to driving in really bright sunlight. When the camera is facing the sun. it is really difficult to make the subject turn out, unless it is in the shadow of the subject. similar to the sun visor, you can see when it is down and the shade is over your eyes. I think my favorite time of day to shoot photos is in the very early morning and sunset, so the golden hour. I really like the colors that are present at those times. I would say the key to making a good photo is knowing exactly what you want to portray in the photo. So having a clear subject first, then having the settings that are preferred for the effect that is wanted. Finally, I would say its snapping the photo, checking if that is actually the effect wanted, and then thinking if there is anyway that you would change it, then see if you can make that change. I think that a good photograph really depends on the person. Like I way think a photo is amazing, while someone else may not. But for me, I think a good photo is developed well and doesn't leave the viewer wanting more from it, or feeling like they would change anything. A good photograph can be really anything, it can be a beautiful landscape, or something that is really thought provoking. And in my opinion, no matter what, there is always something good about most every photo.  The most important thing though, is that no matter what others think, if the photographer is happy with a photo, then that is all that matters. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Day In The Life Of Me

Wake Up


To Portland

Showing her around Portland

Ice Cream Stop

An amazing vegan bakery

To Salt & Straw

Alberta Street

Collage Craft Store

Random Piano

Mississippi Avenue

Mississippi Pizza Pub for lunvh

Finally home

Bed Time

Monday, May 23, 2016

Light Box Photos

Part I: Our object of choice

Object 1: Whisk

Object 2: Bracelet from Hawaii

Object 3: Good Luck Pig

Part II: Foods

Food 1: Apple

Food 2: Banana

Part III: Flowers

Flower 1:

Flower 2:

Flower 3:

Part IV: Water